May 9, 2020


INC is our token of appreciation to our users and supporters.

You can receive INC tokens for transaction orders, referrals, bounties, etc. on the InstaCrypto platform or get tipped for contributions on social media (Telegram, Youtube, etc.)

Instacrypto’s INC token is a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) token which is a simple token system built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

INC tokens can easily be traded (just as SLP tokens are) on exchanges

without any intermediaries and can be stored on any desktop or mobile wallets that support SLP.

Our INC token ID is as follows:

You can send and receive INC tokens using our token wallet partner

Store crypto in a wallet you control, time to choose…

Download a Bitcoin Cash and SLP token compatible wallet

Locate your wallet address, you will have two addresses, one is BCH, other is SLP

Use this address to receive & store your Bitcoin Cash and/or SLP tokens.

INC Partner Android Wallet

With Zapit you can send money anywhere in the world seamlessly, including INC & BCH, download now: