InstaCrypto Launches Cryptocurrency Mobile App

Wondering what will happen to the economy in the depression that is soon to follow? Wondering about your own financial future? Are you looking to find new places to invest, new avenues to explore? Perhaps you’re also thinking of cryptocurrency!

But you fear cryptocurrency and bitcoin because you are not familiar with it. Perhaps you’ve had some bad experiences in the past where people have tried to sell you crypto or related currency or coins and you’ve been duped.

Your fear is not unfounded. There are several people making fraudulent transactions, selling ICO’s that will amount to nothing in the future or simply phishing for your information.. People asking large sums of money for crypto that you may never receive. It could also be that you do not want to invest large amounts of money in a product that you’re unfamiliar with and that you want to start small.

If that is the case, INSTACRYPTO is what you need.

Instacyrpto is a trading platform that was built in 2017 with the intention of making cryptocurrency a household item. It has been a successful website for that past few years that allows you to buy, sell or exchange crypto as low as Rs 50/- with a nominal network fee. This allows its users to own small amounts of crypto and play with it so as to learn its features and functions better.

Our website has attracted users from all walks of life and from all over the country and we’ve received a great response from them. To enhance our customer experience, the team has always been toying with the idea of going mobile. We also received several requests for the same from our users. Well, the time has finally come!

We are now proud to announce that we’re going mobile!


Please note: This is a apk file and is currently in beta testing for our users. 

Instacrypto is the ‘go-to’ app for all your crypto needs. Just like its web counterpart, it is completely non-custodial. This means that you hold your own cryptocurrency in your own personal wallet which is in no way accessible to or controlled by us. You will have complete autonomy over your cryptocurrency and are free to do with it as you please, whenever you please!

Instacrypto is not just a trading app. It offers its users several other services like remittance, payments, value transfer, etc. so that you can send and receive crypto easily. Furthermore, the app is built in a simple, user-friendly way so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it.

And most of all, as the name suggests, it’s instantaneous!

So, whether you’re a hardcore trader or a crypto enthusiast; Whether you’re a crypto specialist or just crypto curious; Instacrypto is the app for you!!

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